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We’re currently at a time of great abundance, we are moving through portals that require for us to let go of and relinquish the 3-D control matrix.

At the moment we are trying to engage with our purpose and our vision of this can sometimes reflect productivity, growth and or wealth.

We quite often have to remind ourselves that our souls purpose is to be happy!

Does our need to expand, grow and conquer truly provide us with fulfilment? Or are we pushing ourselves back into the stressful process of a survival instinct?

When we have frustrations deep-seated within us to perform or to achieve, we need to ask ourselves: Where is this drive coming from? What is it that I truly need to achieve at this moment in time?

Due to this intense period of inactivity, we have experienced energies of stagnation and frustration. To deal with this, we have been forced to release by going inward and exploring our intuitive and creative connections.

Stepping into the future, we will instinctually seek movement because we are itching to get back to where we left off, trying to relieve pent up frustrations; but what are we trying catch up with?

What have we learned from this experience?

In society we are taught that rest is bad, that we need to keep moving to survive. But interestingly, Voldemort-19 has actually shown us the opposite! We need to self soothe, switch off and find still to survive.

By engaging with a short period of reflection, it has enabled us to see flaws within our laws, society and the system. These frustration energies are now being directed towards changing the world we live in for the better.

It is our duty to fine tune these lessons and utilise them to the best of our abilities, so that we never return to the ways of the old or outdated. This is the progress and purpose we need to move into. Not burning the candle at both ends or breaching our boundaries or moral compass.

During the lock down experience we have reconnected to unity, love and working together, even if that means from a distance! Small gestures of kindness and appreciation have been shared around the world, which in turn have flourished and encouraged more loving connections. The value we once placed upon materialism, status and the roles people play have shifted.

As timelines close, we are acknowledging and releasing trauma from our bloodlines. We are rising to correct injustices connecting to what has been societally accepted without question. We are awakening and moving into light. The experience of birth can be as traumatic as death.

We have been given a gift, let’s make sure that we never forget the lessons of this year, for it is humanities turning point.

Alchemy is about the conversion of metal to gold, but within the human experience it’s about shifting Ego to Soul.


~ The Wild Healer ~


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Picture Credit: @bellakotak

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