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Light work isn't always so light...

This last couple of weeks has been such a mixed bag of energies and emotions.

The planets are still busy shuffling, spinning and doing the Dosey-Doe across the sky which is causing mayhem enough… but their business is not changing our Ascension path.

Our Spiritual Evolution doesn’t get put on pause, if anything it’s a way to test our inner strength. It’s a lesson into how we deal with human emotions, 3D vibrations around us and how we continue to connect to the Source. It’s a MEGA learning curve so well done to all of you for marching on during these trying of times.

My Pleiadian Guides have pretty much decided that my time is up, I have to stop holding myself back and so I have been Voice Channeling during Healing sessions this past couple of weeks.

Archangels Raphael and Michael are present during every Healing now. Clients have been asking what these green and blue lights are they’ve being seeing during sessions… yep - thats the Angels!

In my personal time i’ve been working closely with Archangels Emmanuel and Metatron. Their frequency of love is like nothing i’ve experienced before. It’s made me understand that our language is so unflattering and words cannot comprehend or even begin to explain or filter through what kind of vibration they emanate.

Now life is not all fluffy clouds and pixie dust. It has equal and opposing energies. Yin and Yang. One minute I can be channeling the Laughing Language of the Unicorns and their Fairy companions and the next I’m removing and releasing Reptilian entities and their hooks of manipulation.

One of my biggest personal issues on the path to enlightenment is that no-one seems to talk about the dark stuff. No-one seems to explain that this is actually a normal part of life.

If you walk down the street, you are exposed to a multitude of different characters. There are goodies and there are baddies out there. Heck! Look at Star Wars, even the Jedi have their Yodas and their Vaders.

When you are a Lightworker, you will be exposed to the whole lot. It’s our job to filter the light down from the Heavens and into the darker denser parts of the Universe so we can lift the collective vibration to a lighter frequency, or at least maintain equilibrium.

✨🦋✨ ~ The Wild Healer ~

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