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Let It Go...

I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have tried to write this piece. It keeps transforming and changing! Different energies keep creeping in, new layers keep emerging. We are sifting through, so many different frequencies, densities, timelines and emotions.

It’s as if everything has been amalgamated into an intense universal cooking pot.

This has made it near enough impossible to pinpoint any one thing in particular to write about.

What we have been transcending, has been incredibly fast, intense and ‘felt’.

To best describe what we’re going through at the moment, would be akin to packing a suitcase. Imagine we are going on a multidimensional holiday, if you will.

We want to take everything with us, but we can’t. We have to unpack the suitcase a few times and reassess what is needed to move into the 5d New Earth.

What do we really need to take with us? Then we realise, ‘Hang on a minute! They have clothes there!’.

We don’t need to take all of this junk with us, we can just shop while we’re there.

We will feel much lighter because we’re not packing for things that we thought we needed.

We will receive exactly what we need along the way. And so this moment in time has to be used to cut away, deflect, reflect and discontinue absorbing lower frequencies. We are getting rid of the final resonances of the things that control us and keep us attached to fear and the 3D Matrix.

I’m not just pointing to political systems or corporate fear-based manipulations. These can be really intense emotions that sit deep within us, programmed beliefs and behaviours that we have endured for a lifetime.

I have been desperately trying to find the right thing to write about, but really, it’s all encompassing. What we are not in flow with is being rejected from us at this moment in time. We are still within the ‘timeline flipflop’, we are experiencing the shift between the lower and higher timelines.

My guides are wanting me to talk about the people in our lives and the behavioural patterns we are exhibiting, experiencing and watching unfold around us.

We are being pulled away from incompatible soul groups, false lights, dark galactics, fallen angels and everything out of our alignment.

Things that aren’t in flow, things that do not feed our soul or connect us to that ‘Home’ frequency, we are having to reject. Anything that is disrupting our peace and harmony vibration within us, is what is holding us back. As uncomfortable as this transition may be, we will feel ten times lighter once it has been cleansed from us. We will feel liberated, we will be choosing and manifesting what we want to come into our lives. We need to start lifting our heads up and following the flow of what does feel right for us because that’s what will allow us to keep moving.

It is no longer our job to absorb others pain, to try to lift them or help them on their journey, we have past that now. We need to realign, revaluate and focus on what is for our own highest good.

This doesn’t come from a place of selfishness; this doesn’t come from a place of being self-serving. This really stems from a space of being in flow with ourselves and the Universe.

We are all very different. Life would be tremendously boring if we were all the same.

If someone is heading in a different direction to you, that is perfectly acceptable, that’s great! We are all meant to be diverse and travel in different ways. However, if we as individuals are not following our souls’ path, then we are going the wrong way.

Now is the time to forgive yourself for holding onto things that have been holding you back and let go of them. Let go of the emotions and blocking energies that are causing you pain that you have been consumed by.

To heal is to feel and to process, but do not get trapped here for too long though as you will find that you have become stagnant and are wallowing in this energy.

Chose to observe and move through each moment by maintaining your ‘I am Presence’.

Keep learning and growing, remember to rest and take care of yourself. The Ascension process is hard! If something doesn’t feel right and is exhausting you, or isn’t manifesting, then step away and let it go. It’s not meant for you.

What feels joyous and uplifting is what is meant for you. If you are not moving for and with yourself in flow for your greatest and highest good, you will find yourself struggling.

Without sounding too Disney, Let it go!


~ The Wild Healer ~


Celestial Reiki • Tarot Card Reading • Crystal Sound Bath • Animal Communication & Healing • Lessons Of The Light

Picture Credit: @sarashakeel

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