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Kindness is a language we can all speak...

I’m excited for this week, it’s busy with beautiful clients, a new month is starting and were finally passed that lunar madness… for now.

Monday has rolled around again and I will share with you another snippet of my communicating with animals journey.

Today i’d like to show you a couple of cutie-pies I encountered when I was backpacking around Cambodia.

These two were strays but had decided to take up residence at one of the places I was staying in Sihanoukville.

This place was heaven! White sandy beaches, island exploring, fresh coconuts to drink, flying fish, sea eagles, snorkelling. I had to pinch myself at times to make sure I wasn’t dreaming!

I stayed in a little beach hut that was about 10 steps from the ocean.

Every morning I’d find these two and we’d play in the water and wrestle with sticks along the beach. They were very much their own bosses, they hadn’t attached themselves to any one human and therefore were comfortable roaming and playing with most people.

However, i’m like Pied Piper for young children and animals. So often I find myself being followed around. Dog parks are a nightmare!!

Anyway, these two would follow me anytime I tried to leave the place I was staying. I’d have to return them 3 or 4 times and ask someone to distract them so I could venture out into the cities or explore the temples.

Unfortunately this is where the story gets a little dark… One evening, I went along to listen to some music at one of the night markets with a few really good friends I had made on my travels.

It was an enjoyable evening until someone had managed to slip something in my drink. It’s every travellers worst night mare to be in a strange place in such a dangerous situation. Luckily I noticed the symptoms and was able to alert a friend who kindly escorted me back to where I was staying.

I won’t go into details but it was pretty terrifying. I felt very lucky though because I was surrounded by Angels and these two didn’t leave my side the whole night. I asked them to protect me, and so they stayed with me till morning. They even slept outside my door, which is something they never did.

Now I now this isn’t the most uplifting story but for me, it’s part of my journey. I found Heaven on Earth and while in Heaven, I went through Hell. The Irony of Yin and Yang.

I know though, that no matter what my situation, I will always find comfort in the connection I have with animals.

I’m sure there are many of you who have been saved by an animal at some point in your life. You may rescue a companion animal but often, its the animal that rescues you.

There are many different ways they can save us.

We hear stories of pods of dolphins that have protected swimmers from sharks. Service dogs are able to call an ambulance when their owner’s are having seizures. Gorillas have protected children that have fallen into enclosures at zoos.

Whatever the situation, there is compassion. It is capable to come from both sides. If we are ‘the most intelligent being earth’ we need to start acting like it.

We have been given a gift, we have an opportunity to work alongside all creatures, harmoniously.

Kindness translates into any language, human or animal. It’s time to teach others to start speaking it.

~The Wild Healer ~

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