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“Snow White didn’t have to put up with this crap and she lived with 7 tiny men and a million animals

“Snow White didn’t have to put up with this crap and she lived with 7 tiny men and a million animals!”

The strange things we find ourselves saying in the middle of the night…

In the lead up to the Equinox, the energies are becoming intensified and the veils as per usual become very thin between worlds.

Celestial Reiki sessions have intensified as I’ve been channelling extremely high vibrational beings and bringing forth utterly woo-woo messages from other worlds. After a period of having to help process so much Earthy emotional trauma and karmic clearing, it’s been lovely to reconnect with them lot up there in full swing again! Mojo fully engaged!

Over the past week I have been delighting in seeing so much activity, not just in mind’s eye but actually in front of me! Energy swirling around, orbs, elementals, spirits dancing around. It’s been lovely to watch the cats interacting with them too!

Being an Animal Communicator, I get to hear some hilarious and often very sweet things from Maple and Zapp. Maple has delighted in taking midnight strolls up and down my spine, sitting on the back of my shoulder in search of the boop-button on my face.

Quite often she wakes me up to tell me that she loves me and that I’m ‘really cute when I’m asleep’. I realise this is something I’m guilty of doing to her, so naturally she returns the sentiment.

Last night was a little too much activity though as I was tag teamed by animals and the other worldly mob.

I enjoy the little reassurances that my spirit team give me at quiet moments. Gentle taps on my bedside table, clinking and moving my crystals around, playing with my music.

But a frickin light show and Spirit Disco with the cats at 2am was the final straw!

“If you lot could set the coffee machine instead of keeping me up all night, that would be great!”

It was at this moment I realised that the most disbelieving of all Disney movie moments was that the animals help you clean the house and bake pies.

It actually looks more like Shreks Swap of Fairy-Tale creatures partying all night.

Sleeping Beauty, my sweet patootie!

Just another day in Wonderland.

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