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January 2020 Energy Update

If you have struggled with exhaustion, been feeling overwhelmed and an array of other disruptive emotions this past couple of weeks, then you are not alone.

The planets have been doing the Dosey-Doe again, aligning themselves, and throwing eclipse parties… The Schumann Resonance charts have been either blacking or whiting out and after the build up to Christmas, many of us are banging our heads against the wall with this continual blitz of intense energy. This may have touched you on an individual level with day to day things, or as a collective being affected by global crisis.

We all know that the promise of a new decade and fresh start for ‘2020’ carries high hopes. For many it’s proving quite difficult to find motivation, get out there and achieve goals. Some of you may even be suffering with agitation caused by a desire for movement but are at a loss for which direction to head in.

We’ve been swimming around in Capricorn season; reflecting on areas connected to work, ambition career and where we leave our mark. Let’s face it though, because we have been enduring intense energies it’s bought out some unwelcome self-critical, meticulous and analytical characteristics that Capricorns carry.

Them lot upstairs keep bringing through the same message:

“Keep your head down for the next four months” – Great, thanks guys!

Continue to quietly work and step towards where you want to be, but don’t be too expectant of any major release from pressures until then. Things will get better but it’s a rather uphill start to the year I’m afraid.

We’ve had plenty of practice from 2019 regarding processing our emotional issues and pushing through traumas, we are well equipped to handle any continuation of this energy.

On a positive note, if you continue to ‘do the Dori’ and ‘just keep swimming’ steadily towards your goals you will be pleasantly surprised at your outcomes. You will be much further along than you expect because we are currently in an intense portal for manifestation.

That’s right, you guessed it… It’s NEW MOON time!

(Darwin, NT: Jan 25th 7:12am)

The first New Moon of the year falls in the sign of Aquarius, connecting to all things emotional: friends, family, social networks, hopes and dreams. This is the time to release and detach from all of this yucky stuff we’ve been carrying.

It’s time to get real, connect to your authenticity and be pragmatic about it all.

This New Moon in particular will help our creativity flow but will keep our feet on the ground by being a little more realistic with our inventions.

If you’ve been stuck in a rut, this is when you can best access your higher self and pull through some magic shit.

Aquarius is an energy that wants to better the human race, so now is a perfect time to contribute and do your bit for the planet, all while working towards bettering yourself.


~ The Wild Healer ~

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