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Honouring the Waning before the New Moon…

New Moons are the beginning of the Lunar Cycle, making them perfect for setting new intentions that you wish to birth into reality. Soil is at its most fertile during the New Moon because the moon draws up water from deep within the Earth, so it’s an ideal time to plant seeds, not only in your garden but in your life. The New Moon invites new beginnings, rebirth and a fresh start.

However, like most fresh starts, you need to clear out the old and release stagnant energy to gain the most reward from the seeds you wish to plant.

The Waning Moon gives us the opportunity to get to the root cause of a problem and remove blocks that are stopping us from moving forward.

This is a great time to sit with yourself, connect with your guides in quiet contemplation, to help discover what changes you need to make in order to remove the obstacle.

My mother told me once that a person’s home is a representation of their state of mind.

Every year she would go through the guts of the home and have ‘a good clear out’ of anything that wasn’t being used or no longer served a purpose and would be donated to charity.

Your home is absolutely an extension of your energy field, when we smudge the space we live in and clear the energies, we feel much lighter. It’s a great time to clean your home too!

The witch’s status symbol is a broom because wise women would use salts and herbs to clean the floors and sweep out the negative energy. (I myself find in modern day energy work, that burning White Sage and running round with the Dyson does a pretty snazzy job too!)

This ‘rejuvenation’ type energy even creeps into our most recent festive holiday, Christmas! The twelfth night, January 5, is when you should really remove any last vestiges of the festivities and look forward to welcoming spring. It was believed that tree spirits take shelter in Christmas trees, holly and ivy during the festive season.

By removing the old plants, decorations and energies from the home, it is a time to release that of which is no longer serving us. A ‘Spring Clean’ is the cleansing needed for the planting of the new seeds; this ties into Imbolc, which is celebrated on 1st/2nd of February.

It’s always good to clear things out and remove old energy from our lives.

Get organised and get rid of old clothes that carry past energy, old shoes we have walked along paths that aren’t right for us any longer, even cut chords with relationships that we have outgrown.

There’s no use trying to manifest and work to be more abundant, when you sit in your old energy. You will find that much of the same will keep coming back to you.

If you are struggling to see where your path is going but know that you need a change, start at the guts of you! Cut out all that you no longer want to have or to be, so that you can see clearly, what you do want to move into and form a plan from there.


~ The Wild Healer ~


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Picture Credit: @hobopeeba

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