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Gemini Season And Its Bag Of Planetary Fun...

I’ve been taking some much needed time out this past couple of weeks to hibernate. I always find that when the collective is doing and feeling better, I need to take a step back to recuperate. The planets in the sky are about to start doing silly dances and the energies often amount to you guys not doing so great and needing a little help!

This year seems to have flown by so quickly and a lot of people are discovering that they are burnt out already and feel like they haven’t achieved all that much. Whereas in reality we have endured so much transformation and change in our core that we fail to acknowledge the emotional and situational achievements and milestones we’ve been powering through this year.

So, let’s dive right into what’s coming up for us and how we can best harness the energies to our advantage.

Gemini Season starts on May 20th and brings with it three Retrogrades, a Super Blood Moon Eclipse, a Solar Eclipse and a Partridge in a Pear Tree! (You sang that last part in your head).

All of this planetary energy means that Gemini Season will be a time of change, growth, renewal, and reflection.

· Sun Enters Gemini - May 20th

· Saturn Retrograde - May 23rd

· Super Blood Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius - May 26th

· Mercure Retrograde May 29th to June 22nd

· New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini - June 10th

· Jupiter Retrograde - June 20th

· June Solstice - June 20th

Anyone else sweating a little looking at this? Okay, let’s start with the baseline energy for this upcoming month. Gemini and the two faced twins!

Gemini energy gives us the opportunity to take a look at things from another angle. What’s going on in front of us on a surface level and what’s happening behind the scenes connecting to the bigger picture. On a positive note, Gemini’s energy can be playful and intellectually inquisitive, so you may find yourself indulging in your passions and trying new hobbies. However, don’t take on too much as you may find yourself juggling and you might drop the ball.

On Wednesday 26th May there will be a Super Moon and a Total Lunar Eclipse. This event is quite rare, and the energies will be extremely potent. Super Moons eventuate when the Moon is closer than usual to Earth, meaning that its energetic effects are much stronger.

Whenever there is a Total Lunar Eclipse, the Moon appears to have a reddish hue which is why it is referred to as a Blood Moon

As this Eclipse falls in Sagittarius, we may discover a newfound sense of optimism, spontaneity and fun. However, as we are currently within Mercury Retrogrades shadow, we may experience the reverse energies of this sign too, working too hard, irritability and self-worth issues. If you find yourself becoming unsettled, dip into your creative pool and invite your inner child, they are great at helping to connect to joy and playfulness.

On Saturday 29th May, Gemini’s ruling planet, Mercury, enters its second Retrograde of the year. Mercury Retrogrades are a time for us to re-evaluate, retrace our steps, and assess our habits, attitudes, and behaviours of the past before proceeding ahead.

Mercury is the planet of communication, contracts, technology, transport, and media. When the planet is Retrograde, difficulties in these areas may arise.

Mercury Retrograde is however, a wonderful time to tap into new levels of your intuition. You may experience more ease in your connection, your senses will be heightened due to the Solstice energies approaching on June 20th. The Solstice is a sacred time where the veil between dimensions is thin and the energy lines of the Earth are more active.

Before we get there though we have another Eclipse! Eclipses typically come in pairs, so the second and final Eclipse of the Season will be the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini on June 10th. Now, I’m never a fan of New Moons as there can be pesky dark energies at play on the planet. Couple this with an Eclipse of the Sun and it solidifies a real lack of light! Just remember though, it’s always darkest before the dawn. These energies could help you break through what’s holding you back and shed light on new ways of working. Take a deep breath, you might not be able to make sense of things just yet but know that new opportunities are on the way.

To best harness these upcoming energies, make time to check in on yourself. Get into the habit of knowing how you feel, so that you can change accordingly. If you are becoming stagnant or depleted, relinquish and pull back to rest phase. If you have more energy, flirt with your creative essence. Make time for your work and social life but ensure you allow yourself to pull back when you sense a shift. This month is about finding balance between Gemini’s flip side. You don’t have to be one or the other, you can be both if you are mindful of what’s coming in around you.


~ The Wild Healer ~


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Picture Credit: @rockpoolpublishing

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