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Follow Your Bliss...

The expression ‘follow your bliss’ is more of a navigational tool, a road map to our own happiness.

Humans for some reason are programmed to experience pain, to be attracted to drama, and lower vibrational situations.

What we fail to understand is that when we are following the things that make us feel good, whole and right; we are told by opposing forces that we are selfish or wrong.

What we need to recognise is that’s all they are, opposing forces. These are fear based, anxiety programs that are designed to throw us off our true path to joy.

These pesky hurdles are often disguised as societal expectations, religious doctrines or cultural guilt and all of these can come with a control element connected to shame and disappointment.

Once we recognise that by not living in the way we are meant to, and by satisfying the needs or demands of those around us; we create our own unhappiness and are dissatisfied with our living experience.

This creates a plethora of illness and mental health issues. Our bodies have the amazing ability to tell us when something is wrong. Our nervous system is so reactive, yet we chose to override our stress response and continue allowing the thing that hurts us to cause more damage.

In the past I have channeled teachings from Buddha, and the greatest message he ever gave me was:

‘Holding onto something not meant for you can be akin to holding hot coal, the longer you grasp it, the more damage you do to yourself. Just let it go.’

When we choose to let go of the things not meant for us, we find out how peaceful our existence can be.

Those who feel lost or don’t know who they are would benefit from getting rid of things that don’t fit them. It makes it much easier to spot the things that do. Then you can unapologetically explore deeper in those directions.

If you are confronted with opinions and expectations, you will be much better at discerning and disconnecting from the emotional control.

You will be able to recognise that this is yet another test to see how easily manipulated you can be or how grounded in your own energies you have become.

Yes, in life we are obligated to follow a particular set of rules and abide by laws, but outside of this, truly your life is yours and yours alone.

What you do with it is entirely up to the bliss you chose to follow.

Align your internal compass to your true north and watch your magic unfurl.


~ The Wild Healer ~


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Picture Credit: @bellakotak

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