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✨🧚🏻‍♂️ FAIRIES 🧚🏻‍♀️✨

I don’t tend to talk too much about fairies, why? I don’t know, I think even in my mind I still think they sound a bit bonkers! (Even though half the stuff that comes channelled out of my mouth is utterly ridiculous!)

When I lived in Cornwall, the heart and home to faries, I never saw them. I used to go to psychic conventions and see people dressed up as them and would write them off as the ‘out there’ types…

I moved to Darwin, and POW! The buggers are everywhere! Try going to Bunnings for a browse and a coffee and they’re all hanging out in the cottage & herb gardens.

Why am I writing this piece? Well, recently I was so enamoured by something that came up during a client’s session, and it touched my heart in the purest of ways!

During Celestial Reiki, we were channelling messages and working to clear energy, and then BAM! I was placed in her home and there were ridiculous amounts of fairies in the walls and roof of her house. It wasn’t negative by any stretch of the imagination, it was wonderful!

Their home was a buzz with elementals! I was then shown her daughter whispering, singing and calling to the fairies! She was inviting them in!

When I said this, my client said: “Oh yes! We sing and talk to them every day!’

It turned out that they have little animals that pop into the roof that make noise in the evening. The story that is told though, is that there are fairies in the roof. However, her daughter, who is just so pure and full of magic, has actually called upon the fairies and their home is now full of them!!

After asking if it was okay to share this wonderful experience, She sent me just the most gorgeous photos of her little girl dressed up as a fairy! Honestly, this made my heart melt into a puddle.

The intention, bliss, happiness and purity of her connections are unmatched. She has actively chosen to welcome love and lighter elementals into her space and her life is connected to magic and creation.

I think that we can all take a leaf out of this little girl’s book, that when we choose to have purity in our heart, believe in magic, and live in this energy, magic floods in and surrounds us in a very real way.

Repeat after me: ‘I BELIEVE IN FAIRIES!’ 🧚🏻✨


~ The Wild Healer ~


Celestial Reiki • Tarot Card Reading • Fertility, Pregnancy and Postpartum Healing • Crystal Sound Bath • Animal Communication & Healing • Lessons Of The Light

Picture Credit: @midnightmoonvisuals

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