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Energy Update: Lions Gate Portal and Aquarius Super Full Moon

This Lions Gate Portal and Aquarius Super Full Moon was potent as hell; I was rolling around in its energy! The 8/8 Portal was greatly affected by Mars, which bought a lot of Masculine energy to the table. I thoroughly enjoyed the lessons that came up!

I’m sure many have struggled with the energies that have presented recently, particularly if you have been experiencing loss of soul path and direction due to the intense flits between timelines.

The main theme for the 8/8 Portal and Super Full Moon, was a shift forward in our individual identities and karmas. We have already learned so much about our past wounds, and why we are the way we are. Now is the time to put these experiences into action, and move forward positively with the tools we’ve picked up along the way.

Something that I never really talk about is my own Karmic Lessons or wounds that I need to heal in this life cycle. Interestingly though, I always attract clients who have very similar lessons to learn. Talk about resonation station!

I think it’s important to talk about my own lessons, so that I can in turn, help to support others on their healing journey. Who knows, you may connect with my words and feel more comfortable in your own skin.

My Karma in this cycle, is to heal is feminine wounding. I have always encountered narcissistic and emotionally manipulative women or rejection from the feminine.

Ever since I was little, I experienced having better and more fulfilling relationships with men or boys, over girls or women. I found that the feminine were deceptive with their intentions or emotions, and being a clairsentient that resonates with truth frequency, I couldn’t get on board with this.

Being a Starseed, my purpose as a healer is also to be a mirror. I reflect back at people that of which needs healing in themselves. As you can imagine, this isn’t always well received! Because of this part of me, quite often the feminine would read me wrong and reject me because they saw me as something that ‘didn’t fit in’ or that I was some form threat.

Naturally, these types of experiences can turn someone into a people pleaser and result in being hyper vigilant, or feeling responsible for other peoples emotions. It’s taken many years to get comfortable being in my own quirky skin and accepting that other peoples karmas and emotions are not my responsibility.

On this particular healing journey, guilt is something you constantly battle! The guilt of choosing not to hold other peoples emotions for them, the guilt of setting boundaries, the guilt of not being ‘everything for everyone’… ahh the list goes on!!

I’m sure that many of you reading this are nodding and ‘Yes-sing’ in your heads, you follow me because you resonate! Well my loves, you are here because my truest magic and forte is to help you get out of these same karmic loops. To teach you how to love yourself, to be your truest authentic self, and get you back on your highest vibrational timeline.

High Priestess energy was flowing through this portal, and allowed us to stand in the potency of our truest and highest powers! It cleared and healed so much. Did you feel it?


~ The Wild Healer ~


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Picture Credit: @alexandravbach

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