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Bump in the night…

Since I was very young I was scared of the dark because of the skeleton man that would come and visit me and the E.T that would climb through my window. When you’re a child your imagination is a powerful tool for play and exploration. I learned quite quickly the difference between my imagination and the figures that would come and talk to me at bed time. I figured this was normal? Tv and Film told me it was completely fine to have an invisible ‘imaginary friend’ that others could not perceive. It made me uneasy at first but I guess the feeling settled over time. As I grew older I tried to pass my ‘friends’ off in different, more manageable ways. Mum liked the darkness, she said it was peaceful. I had quite the opposite opinion! The darkness was loud and it moved. At bed time I would run around the house and turn all the lights on and she would follow me turning them all off. We laughed and it became a game. Little did she know that what I was trying to do was run past the man that would stand at the top of the stairs and the lady that would hover outside of my bedroom door. Don’t worry, these spooks were harmless! We lived in an old converted Chapel and they were very gentle in their nature. Cats have always been my friends and protectors. Wherever I went in the world, a cat would appear and came to sleep with me. Even when I was backpacking around Argentina at 16years old, strays would come and find me. I found that they would warn me for when there was something more sinister going on around me. As I later worked out, this has always been the case for me, in all my lives. Particularly so in Ancient Egypt and The Witch Trials of New England. But that’s a story for another day! Waking up to figures in the room is almost a nightly occurrence for me. It’s something you do and don’t get used to. There are times when I wake up and say ‘Oh it’s you’, and promptly fall back to sleep. Other times there are screams of ‘who the f*ck are you, get out, get out RIGHT NOW!’ - all of which very confusing to my partner! His contribution is usually a hair stroke and a “go back to sleep you idiot”. He is a Muggle. Cant see, won’t see, same same. I like this though, it’s grounding. Last nights Spook was greeted with a “oh I’m too tired for this sh*t” and was promptly ignored! I had a giggle this morning about how comfortable I am now at deciding to not be bothered by their presence. I’ve finally found a comfort zone and have surrounded it with humour. You have to laugh. You have to see the lightness and the funny side of how ridiculous aspects of life can be. It’s good to be sassy and still pure of heart. Everyone has their own unique connection to spirit. No one is the same. My advice to anyone asking how to do this? or do that? is just ‘Do You’. No one can tell you what feels right for you. We all handle things differently. We all have different paths, lives, guides, angels, missions, lessons, experiences, learning abilities. Work with ‘what you got’ and go from there!

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