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Being absorbed by an emotional state...

When you raise and elevate your level of consciousness, you become more aware of yourself and how you interact with people and your surroundings. Our conscious thoughts are so powerful, and we need to start having more of an open understanding about this.

At the moment I seem to be observing a lot of people coming out of their ‘dark night’ and entering their new phase of light. New opportunities are arising and are extremely positive and very uplifting. However, due to human nature and our survival instinct, we learn from experience. Quite often we enter new phases after this 'dark night' transition with trepidation or fear of repeated trauma. Our mindset can become static and we can sometimes continue to carry emotions of the past into the future, which ultimately will affect our present experience. Every day is an opportunity for us to experience joy and light. When we allow ourselves to be controlled by lower, denser frequencies, it won’t matter how much beauty we are surrounded by or how many wonderful things enter our life, because we are focusing on the negatives. Our experience of life is purely dependent on where we chose to look or how we chose to view things. Energy flows where attention goes. Now this doesn’t mean that we should ignore deep seated issues or refuse ourselves a grieving period. We must process how we feel, heal and move on. Otherwise we simply are allowing ourselves to live within trauma, never letting it go. Let’s break down a light-hearted example of progression for this energy:

If you’ve had a bad day at work, you might come home in a terrible mood.

But what happens when this mood is extended?

It can become a ‘bad work week’, which if not reassessed or let go of, can become impactful on your perception of the role that you play at work.

You might then find that you are no longer enjoying your job and it becomes a deeper phase.

Your bad day at work can accumulate to a point where you no longer like your job or the people you are surrounded by.

This could then start to impact on your home life and eventually affect your perceptions of life outside of work.

This can be applied to anything.

One timeless way to remove yourself from ‘the little grey bubble’ is to pull the pin. Step away, go for a walk. Connect to nature. Look to the sky and feel the warmth of the sun on your skin. Take some deep breathes and be with your own energy. Connect to joy again. Some people may need more time and opt for a break away from a situation. When you have recalibrated, you are a little more able to see past your dark day and really truly assess what’s going on around you. Do you need to change factors in your life or your mindset towards them?

It’s very easy to become consumed by an emotion or situation. However, the key to eject yourself from the dimension or emotional state you are absorbed by, is realisation that you are in it. ‘Snap out of it!’

This may sound easy on the surface of things, but when you are immersed, it can prove very difficult and often the little ‘Bastard Voice’ that sits on your shoulder can creep in and remind you of old wounds or triggers.

Try living in ‘The Notice Period’. I came up with this concept a few years ago and is a term I use frequently. If you hate your job, everything around you niggles. People, the work load, your role, energy levels; everything takes a downward trajectory.

The second you hand your notice in, void your contract and choose to leave the work place; it’s an instant lightening. It’s like a weight has been lifted off of your shoulders.

Things don’t irritate you as much because you know that you will be leaving soon, and actually you start to appreciate things with an element of nostalgia.

Nothing has changed, all you have done is terminated a contract of service or exchange of energy. What has changed though, is your mindset toward the situation. When you stop focusing on the thing that is causing you friction and start pouring your energy into life and circumstances beyond this moment in time, you have shifted your vibration to a lighter one. One that is seeking newer, better things and freeing your mind of what ails you. If we can apply ‘The Notice Period’ to other aspects of our life, we stop focusing on the things that bother us and try to connect to what we enjoy instead. This is conscious thought in its simplest form. We are choosing to see the good in things, we are changing how the brain is perceiving its surroundings. We have the power to create our own reality; Heaven or Hell on Earth. We each have the power to live strong, happy and authentic lives.

We also have the power to cage ourselves and live within a state of misery. What are you giving your power to?

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