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✨Atlantis and Lemuria ✨

I channeled a message on Friday that spoke of our treatment towards Mother Earth, her precious oceans and all of the beautiful creatures it holds. We are all shifting and evolving to higher vibrational frequencies, including the animals. Something we can no longer continue to ignore though is how we interact with our surroundings. Observe the current global disasters... Australia is simultaneously on fire and under water. America has frozen over. There are Oxygen Dead Zones across the Pacific and new islands are being formed out of plastic and waste product. 150 acres of Rainforest is destroyed every minute of every day... (to name a few!) We cannot continue to wear crowns, call ourselves Queens, fill up on Self Love and forget the Mother who provides for us. If we are in fact divine, loving beings raising the vibration and consciousness of the planet, we must also be brave enough to admit that at some point we have contributed to her demise. She is bountiful and abundant and gave us life. What are we doing for her? How can we show gratitude and repay her in kind? We have the opportunity to make changes the Atlanteans and Lemurians didn’t make. We can chose to turn away from institutionalised cruelty and move towards a world filled with greater love and respect. A world where we protect nature, instead of viewing it as a resource to be exploited however we please. Imagine if our societal values transformed, not through disaster and devastation, but for love and kindness of all sentient beings. To quote every 90’s beauty pageant ever: “What is the one most important thing that our society needs?” World Peace ✌🏼 ~ The Wild Healer ~

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