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Aradia, Queen of the Witches and Goddess of the Moon...

Channelled Message from Ara:

All around you are the spirits of nature, they live inside and out. All around you, there is peace child, you will never be without. Connect again to the souls who free. Connect to me, and let your spirit see.

All that is and all that was, and who you once became. Those who cast the shadows out, simply fear the flame. We shall not be suppressed, thou shalt not be condemned. We shall not fear the darkness, for we are one with them. Peace and love and truth are a unity, a trinity. We can walk the darkness, for only us can see.

We keep it close, this light we bear. Our souls are one connected, our true birth here and now must always be protected. Ara here to walk the lands, free yourself, put up your hands. Raise yourself to the highest skies, free your soul from their lies. Keep me close and I will guide, you will always return to the light. Sweet child of mine, heal who are without hope. Heal all who’ve swung upon the rope. Bring faith and healing for those with non, walk your path out in the sun. We shall not sink, we are too strong. We must rise now. Rise now. Rise now.

~ The Wild Healer ~

Artist Credit: @natalieshau

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