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Anxiety in Pets

There are a multitude of factors that can cause anxiety in our pets. The stressor I would like to focus on though is one that can be corrected quite simply but is commonly over looked. Often when I work with clients that want to understand why their pet is so anxious it’s usually a case that the fruit never falls very far from the tree. If a child starts misbehaving or performing poorly at school, usually the teacher will ask if everything is okay at home. The home environment is a safe space for us to release emotions and be completely ourselves without holding back energy.

It is also a place where there can be a build up of negativity due to things like family frictions and arguments, tension from separations, health struggles and money worries, the list goes on. What people fail to realise is that their pets are essentially energy sponges. They cannot leave the house to get away and change the energy they are immersed in. This will build in them and they will display behaviours of anxiety. When people acquire a pet it’s usually for companionship. Something to come home to that you can love unconditionally. A lot us are guilty of seeking emotional comfort from an animal and in doing so, we pass on our troubles to them. They worry about things that they don’t understand. This anxiety contributor is what I like to call ‘Emotional Dumping’. Animals have a limited understanding for our feelings and what we are going through. When they see we are stressed or upset, they don’t know how to relinquish us from turmoil and end up absorbing our energy and carrying it for us. If this energy exchange is not released from them, it can manifest into a physical problem later down the line. Yes its important to provide our animals with the right nutrition, training, medical care and physical care but often the one that is over looked is their spiritual care. Its so easy and quick to change the energy in your home. A place that effects both you and those around you. Simple techniques to help rid the nasties include smudging with white sage, cleaning away physical dirt and its stagnant energy, opening a window to let in light or diffusing essential oils that are safe to use around animals (not all are, so please do your research). Another good technique to remove their absorbed anxiety is to acknowledge the help that they have given you. Say ‘thank you’ for their support. Show your appreciation. Do something with them that they love to do. This will lift your spirits also. Practice the art of ‘being present’ when you are around your animals. Stop thinking about your problems or playing on your phone because they know you aren’t totally with them. They are ‘there’ with you, respect them by being ‘there’ with them. Yes, life happens and sometimes things get tough. When it comes to our pets though, we must put our excuses away and look after those who look after us.

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