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Animals Never Forget...

We all know the unbearable pain experienced when we lose an animal, whether they pass away or tragically go missing. We are left with an empty space in our homes and hearts.

But what happens when the roles are reversed and our animals are faced with loss? What happens when their human passes away, or we go missing, move or stop being a part of their lives?

As an Animal Communicator and Healer, I get to coach and council you and your animals through a huge array of experiences and emotions. Animals are greatly affected by people and other animals who are no longer a part of their lives.

A lot of your pets are rescued and have a history before their life with you. So much of what they have to say can often link to parts of their story that you don’t know about.

When they talk about this, it’s not that they are ungrateful for the lovely homes that you provide for them; but it enables them to help you understand them and who they are on a deeper level.

I was recently called out to a home to with an older female rescue dog. Much of what she spoke about was an intense male energy home, where she lived outside, enjoyed chasing cattle, rolling in and eating kangaroo scat. She spoke of her previous owner who wore a big hat and she was very close with him.

Animals know when they have been abandoned, they have this awful sense of being unwanted. However, in this instance I was told that this wasn’t the case. She was separated from her owner, lost or stolen.

The dog was lovingly rescued by a wonderful lady. Contrastingly though, her new home was entirely female and calm in its energy. This was a huge life adjustment for the animal in terms of how to interact with her peers and environment. She loved and enjoyed where she lived but needed to convey why she sometimes behaved in a way that was rather ‘free spirited’ and ‘tom-boy’.

When we understand someone’s story, we can empathise with their character on a deeper level. It’s not that this dog was misbehaving out of disregard for her new owner, but simply because these factors were a huge part of her life and contribute to who she is.

Animals process memories and emotions much in the same way humans do. If we go away or are separated from them, they have questions, they miss their soul companions. If their owner is no longer a part of their life, they try their hardest to figure out why. As time passes, they become more understanding of the separation, but they still carry the emotions attached to the situation.

They hold onto memories of you, things you would do together, games you would play, foods you would give them, happy moments you’ve shared. We mean as much to them as they do to us.

I was once told that animals never forget, and it’s so true. That’s why it’s our duty to always show love, understanding and kindness to the amazing creatures we share this world with.

~ The Wild Healer ~

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