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Last week The Wild Healer paid a little visit to Ava and Sophie!

We’ve done a couple of sessions now and their little personalities crack me up. One is a lap dog and one likes to watch French Films; can you tell which is which?

Talking with these girls is never boring because the ways in which they view the world is so very different.

Ava is the biggest puppy and young forever spirit who loves to nibble your ears and stand on you. If she were human, she’d make for an excellent Chiro! This week, she was resting up due to a leg injury.

She is an entirely inquisitive bundle of energy, so sitting still and not hopping around can be quite challenging. She was keen to talk about what had been going on in her little world. Showing me her piles of pebbles, the fish in the pond, talking about her leg bandage and hanging out with Dad. She was debating whether or not she would be able to jump the fence to get the pesky birds on the other side… (we entirely discouraged this of course!)

These are quite stereotypical ‘dog’ things that can come up – talking about their day to day interactions and things that bring them joy in life. Then occasionally, I have the pleasure of interacting with animals like Sophie. Clearly a human in a past life! She holds herself and speaks entirely differently.

This little beauty is so swept up in a wistful, romanticised view of the world. Taking in ambiance and tranquillity. She speaks about the songbirds, the night sky and looking up at the stars, the way the coloured lights in the garden beautifully illuminate plants along the path, spending time with mum and watching French films and cooking. Sophie even helps to keep an eye on Ava to make sure she’s not getting up to mischief!

Now with all animals, they will talk about things that go on in your homes. Including relationships, members of family, visitors and other animals. In our first session, Sophie had some emotions and energy that needed releasing due to the loss of her beloved sister, and the support she had been giving her family during this difficult time. In her follow up session Sophie was so much lighter, she wanted to speak about the wonderful parts of her life and things that she enjoyed.

While I love chatting with and finding out about these amazing little souls; the best part of each session is seeing them in absolute bundles of sleepy, Reiki bliss. Eyes unflatteringly rolled into the backs of their heads, dreaming and twitching in their entirely relaxed state of consciousness.

~ The Wild Healer ~

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