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Happy New Year! ✨

Welcome 2019, the year of The Divine Self.

We have endured the final shedding of karmic debris, undergone final stages of life lessons and now we are free to grow into our own strength.

Gone are the days of lighting the way for others. We are emerging into a time of connecting our selves, our souls to our truest paths. Worshiping our own bodies, our temples and filling our own life with light.

We will now lead by example, emerging from the flames stronger, more connected and at peace with who we truly are.

Once upon a time we would have dulled our shine to make others comfortable with our power, our presence, our gifts.

But no more.

We are stepping away from what no longer serves us and into a strong and harmonious frequency.

Call upon The High Priestess to travel within. Dive into the subconscious, and immerse yourself fully with the true meaning of the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine. Sun and Moon. Light and Dark. We must venture deep internally and pull our light from the darkness. We mustn’t fear the dark, instead we must embrace it and accept it as a part of life. Here we will find Equilibrium. Peace. Prosperity. Abundance. Alchemy. We will be encouraged to take all inner growth learned and express it out into the world. Be prepared to see some major shifts this year. If you continue to cling to the 3D, materialism, ego or denser lower vibrations, you will be left behind. When we are in alignment with our Higher Selves and express our authenticity, we are able to manifest this energy into the physical. When guided by ourselves, our intuition, our gut feel, we are really connecting to the universal source, the christ consciousness, love and light frequency. This high vibrational energy has the power to not only change us, but the whole world. It’s time to rise… ~ The Wild Healer ~

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