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2020 is the year I vow to not ‘shut the fuck up’

For too long I have sat back and remained a peaceful participant, in this love and light existence. I have transitioned through almost ‘monk like’ silences to hear the noise being emitted from the world. I have listened and felt the energies, to decipher where these frequencies resonate from.

Before this decade ends, I have been made to feel all of the Earths sadness. At times I have been entirely debilitated and overwhelmed by this grief as timelines clear and close.

However, it is now time to start banging the war drum.

The Earth has called forth Wayshowers and Lightworkers to be her mouthpiece, her Peace Warriors. The time has come to speak up and stop abiding by the rules created within the 3D control matrix.

It’s time to rise, over and over until she is heard and we are able to work together as a collective to bring about harmony on the planet.

2019 saw a huge rising of the Divine Feminine, one we have all been waiting for. The Dali Lama said: 'The world will be saved by the Western Woman' and by-golly I think he’s right.

However, Equality isn’t about beating out the Patriarchy but teaching them how to listen and how to love in all areas of existence. The divine Feminine must meet the Sacred Masculine, awaken them and merge energies in harmony. Unifying all sentient beings, humans and animals alike.

To do this though, we need to be entirely unafraid to call out darkness and old negative patterning and previous social acceptances. We need to stop keeping others in check with these outdated ways of being. It has been proven time and time again that they do not work.

David Attenborough recently congratulated Gretta Thunberg for achieving something that many have been trying to accomplish over the past few decades, she has caught the world’s attention and she is being heard.

If we continue to allow tradition, religion, culture and the economy to divide and control us, then there is little wriggle room for change. Praise those who are brave enough to break the mould, those unafraid of being cast out by the herd. Praise those who speak up for what is right and light.

I encourage all of you to stop being a bystander in this movement. Get on board and speed up the process. This comes down to how we exist as individuals as well as a collective.

2019 called for us to reflect inwardly at what we needed to shed and release. Major work has been done across the planet to confront our fears connected to ego and karma. This healing has been very painful and downright bloody awful at times, but it’s needed to happen so that we can enter the next phase of existence on the planet.

Self-improvement has been key to understanding what triggers us and weakens us. This phase has helped to align us with our purpose here on Earth. We are all feeling her pulse, her call, our destiny. It’s time to ditch the fear and embrace love wherever we can. In this we find strength. In this we find unity. In this we find a solution to better the world we live in for the next generation. If you know better, do better. Excuses need not apply, if you make them, you will be left behind.

World, the time has come to push the button…

No sir, I will not shut the fuck up!


~ The Wild Healer ~

Picture Credit: @natalieshau

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