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The New Light...

Much has been learned and much has been released this Mercury Retrograde. We are coming to the surface now as Mercury will finally go direct again on the 28th March. For so long it feels like we have been holding our breath while diving into the depths of our emotional pool. Hopefully you have emerged feeling lighter in your emotional baggage. It has been a very purging time for everyone connecting with deep internal wounds that have sat in our core. Facing the demon that causes us so much internal pain and conflict is brave and vastly healing, so well done for getting through this extremely potent time. The caterpillar must endure struggle and transformation so that it can break out of it’s chrysalis lighter and able to fly to new heights. This has been an uncomfortable time for many, sitting with our darkest shadow. When you look at something, you understand it. When you look at something from more angles, you understand on another level. With understanding comes compassion. When we are compassionate for why we have been presented with our life lessons, we can project gratitude for how they have shaped us. This disrupts and changes old emotional programming, belief systems and conditioning. We are no longer the same. There is a new light. A peaceful dawn. An inner stillness that was not there before. We feel different. Calm and understanding of ourselves and all that we have been through up until this point.

We have taken the time to release fear for what has held us back and now we can begin to step into new and joyous experiences. We are each accountable for our own happiness. The time for pointing fingers and blaming others for our emotions has passed. Breathe deep and know that you, and only you have bought yourself to this point. No one else can heal you in the way that you can heal yourself.

Only you have control of your mind and only you have control of how you interact with and see the world. Choose love and you will be met with love. When you elevate your heart, your mind, and your soul, you will achieve harmony, balance and alignment. This is your connection to Universal Love Consciousness. ~ The Wild Healer ~ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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