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Sculpt your future, create your destiny...

Last week I had a gorgeous lady come for a Tarot Card Reading. It was quite unique and one that I’d never experienced before. The Wild Healer always promotes a healthy and harmonious relationship with our future. We each have the ability to change what is in front of us. We have the tools to sculpt our fate and create our own destiny. As the reading panned out, I moved cards, pulled more, grouped some, used two decks and it eventuated that there was only one lesson. This lesson was going to be learned her way, or the hard way. It was her choice as to how she moved forward. But inevitably she would have the same outcome. The cards moved and changed because what was unfolding in front of me was a visual representation of how she went about manipulating her strings of fate. It was truly fascinating to see. This beautiful soul that was sat before me had really understood my messages and had put into play her action of controlling her own destiny in a way I have never encountered. She understood that she is by no means in for an easy ride in the time to come but it was up to her how easy she made it for herself. I feel incredibly lucky that every day I learn something new from the universe. When I come across events like this, they are almost like finding Spiritual Easter Eggs! ✨🔮✨ ~ The Wild Healer

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