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Lessons of a listener...

I was told as a child that if I closed my mouth and opened my ears long enough, I might learn something. Now I’m sure this was said as a result of being mouthy and cheeky but it’s actually so true. The quieter you become, the more you hear and the more you understand. The majority of what I do all day, every day, is listen. I listen to my clients, I listen to what is said, I listen to what is not said, I listen to body language, I listen to my guides, I listen to spirits, I listen to animals, I listen to nature and the universe. Sometimes though, the hardest thing to hear is the self. The true self. In a world of noise, how often do we take time to be still? To be quiet? To listen to ourselves? We can get so caught up in our own little bubble, routine and things we think that matter. When we take the time to stop and breathe, it allows us to appreciate where we are in life. When I stop and listen to myself, I hear guilt. An immense guilt, that I have been blessed with such a beautiful life. I have been quite deeply effected by the darker problems of the world and society’s uneven demands recently. War torn countries, poverty, animal cruelty, environmental destruction, to name a few. These things don’t generally don’t factor into our ‘western’ physical lives. Is that fair? Is this right? What can we do in our life that can contribute to theirs? A lot of my time as a light-worker is spent teaching self love. My logic is that when someone loves themselves truely, they stop engaging in disharmony. They are then free to help others unchain themselves from the system so that more are able to be of service to the world. I am at service to you. Who are you at service to?

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