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The Wild Healer
The Wild Healer
The Wild Healer
The Wild Healer
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Home: Welcome

Tarot Card Reader
Celestial Reiki Practitioner
Animal Communicator & Healer

Beach at Sunset


1 Hour - (Online and In Person)

The Wild Healer provides detailed and accurate energetic forecasts for the upcoming year to two years.
Messages from guides and loved ones that have passed will usually come through during the reading.

60 to 90 Minutes - (Online Only)
(Packages available)

The Wild Healer provides a unique healing experience using the main principles of Reiki, integrated with 5th Dimensional, Rahanni Celestial Healing. Celestial Reiki sessions are a blend of high vibrational energy healing, clearing and intuitive coaching.

60 to 90 Minutes - (Online Only)

Unlock the enigmatic whispers within the Akashic Records. Guiding you through an exploration of your soul's profound journey, we will tap into the celestial archives to unveil the hidden layers of your soul's narrative and clear any energies that do not align with your highest good.


CATS & DOGS - (Online and In Person)

HORSES & CATTLE - (Online and In Person)

*Please enquire for other/specific animals*

Reiki Healing for animals works in exactly the same way it does for humans. The Wild Healer is a born animal communicator and a great facilitator for helping owners to understand what problems their animals are dealing with and why they are behaving a certain way.

1 Hour - (Online Only)

A guidance and mentorship service designed to align you with your higher self and connect you with your true path. Learn to develop your own unique gifts that will help you on your journey to higher levels of consciousness.

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