Tanzanite Wand

Tanzanite Wand


Wands are used to direct the flow of energy and enhance intentions. They can be used to assist in the grounding process, remove lower vibrational entities and eliminate darker galactic interference. When used in healings they can aid psychic surgery and remove unwanted energy from the auric field.



- Helps to overcome depression

- Past Life healing

- Amplifies Telepathy and Psychic experiences

- Connects us with Higher Beings and Ascended Masters


A stone of transmutation through the violate flame. Tanzanite is extremely high vibrational and connects us with the Angelic Realms, Ascended Masters and Christ Consciousness.

It helps us to enter into altered states of consciousness with ease and deepens trance or meditations.
Connecting to the Akashic Records, this stone facilitates multi-dimensional, cellular and karmic healing, aiding the soul during the ascension process.

Found: Tanzania

Tanzanite Wand


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