Sugilite Wand

Sugilite Wand


Wands are used to direct the flow of energy and enhance intentions. They can be used to assist in the grounding process, remove lower vibrational entities and eliminate darker galactic interference. When used in healings they can aid psychic surgery and remove unwanted energy from the auric field.



- Helps Light Workers and Starseeds adapt on their journey

- Encourages positive thinking

- Brings Light and Love into the darkest of situations

- Teaches you to live your authentic truth


One of the major ‘Love Stones’, bringing the Purple Ray energy to Earth. Sugilite radiates Spiritual Love and Wisdom, it opens all of the Chakras, bringing them into alignment and flow with this frequency. This stone inspires spiritual awareness and aids your ability to channel.

Sugilite teaches you how to live your authentic truth and reminds the soul of its purpose for incarnating on the Earth. It facilitates travel between past lives, allowing us to clear and find answers that so many Starseeds have on their journey.


Found: Worldwide 

Sugilite Wand


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