Out Of Hours Celestial Reiki & Crystal Sound Bath

This product is for those who are unable to book during normal business hours and would like to schedule an appointment for Evenings, Weekends or Public Holidays.

Please contact The Wild Healer to ensure availability before purchasing your Out of Hours Session.


Combining these two High Vibrational Healing Modalities to bring you into total alignment.

We will gently sift through your energies and uncover any blockages whether they are physical, emotional or spiritual. The Wild Healer can go back and heal moments in time, uncover past lives and remove entities or attachments.

The Wild Healer is able to access high vibrational frequencies, activate and assimilate Light Code and align you with your divine purpose. All Channeled messages from Spirit and Higher Beings are given during the healing session if you so choose to receive them.


Disconnect from the world around you, as you melt into the pure, divine frequency of Quartz Crystal Sounds. Vibrating at 432hz, the most harmonic resonance, this Sound Healing will sooth you into a deep state of relaxation.


Bathing in pure Quartz Crystal tones helps to align your Energy Centres and open your Chakras, allowing you to explore Higher Realms and expanded states of Consciousness.

Sound Healing has been used for thousands of years and has a wide range of health benefits including the alleviation of depression, stress and anxiety.


Assisted by the Angelics, The Wild Healer is guided to where you are needing the deepest healing and attunes you with the vibration that works for you and your highest good.

During the Celestial Reiki & Crystal Sound Bath, The Wild Healer incorporates other Healing Modalities including: Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing and Colour Light Therapy.


This is a fully immersive healing experience; one that is guaranteed to stop the monkey chatter in your mind. If you struggle to meditate or release blockages, then this is exactly what you need to help restore balance and bring harmony back into your life.

Out Of Hours Celestial Reiki & Crystal Sound Bath

  • If you are a visitor to Darwin or require a last minute appointment please ensure that you have contacted The Wild Healer for availability prior to purchasing.

    The Wild Healer aims to be as flexible with clients as possible however at busy times you may need to book a week in advance.

    Once you have verified availability, please make payment promptly to secure your appointment.

    The Wild Healer will reserve your allocated time slot for one hour before releasing it for others to book.

    • You are welcome to reschedule your appointment but kindly give more than 24hours notice, you cannot amend your appointment time after this period.
    • If you need to cancel your appointment you must do so with more than 24hours notice. Refunds will not be given after this time.
    • Bookings that are made within 24hours of your appointment time are not eligible for cancellation refund.
    • Refunds will not be given if you need to cancel a rescheduled appointment.
    • Those who fail to show up to their appointment are not entitled to a refund.
    • Please allow up to 10 business days for refunds to be processed.

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