Lessons Of The Light

Lessons of the Light - (Online only at this time)


A guidance and mentorship service designed to align you with your higher self and connect you with your true path. Learn to develop your own unique gifts that will help you on your journey to higher levels of consciousness.


Everyone carries their own special and unparalleled vibration. We are not meant to be the same, The Wild Healer encourages you to stand in your own power, whatever that may be! It is time to become the best possible version of yourself and gift that magic back to the Universe.


This is an intuitively guided service with no curriculum or criteria. It is designed to work for you and your highest good, supporting you with where you are currently and encouraging you to develop your own style and way of working.


The Wild Healer is here to assist anyone, at any level of skill or awareness.

There are many different tools available to you, delve in and explore the endless possibilities of this bountiful existence!


*Please Note: This is not a course.

There are no qualifications gained from this programme. This service does not provide you with certificates to practise professionally.

Before the session, please ensure that you have put together a list of questions or topics that you would like to work through and understand more about.


To give you some inspiration or stoke your interest, here is a list to motivate your learning:

Chakras, Grounding, Shadow Work, Conscious Connections, Projection Sickness and Psychic Attack, Light Frequencies and Healing, Spirit Guides, Psychic and Intuitive Senses (Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claircognizance, Clairsentience), Crystals, Aromatherapy, Pendulums, Tarot and Oracle Cards, Divination and Tools, Angelic Realms, Dimensions, Galactics, Entities, Portals, Enchantments and Protections, Types of Magics, Past Lives, Twin Flames and Soul Mates, Meditation, Body Code, Reiki, Dreams and Astral Projection, Channelling, Premonitions and Déjà Vu, Chord Cutting, Ancestral Lineage and Timelines, Energy of Emotions, Karma, Elementals and Otherworldly Creatures, Sound Healing.

Lessons Of The Light

Lessons Of The Light
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