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🖤💀 The Watchers 💀🖤

During my ascension I noticed these entities who had a very looming presence. They would hover outside of windows and doorways, watching me.

At night time, I would wake up to them standing over me. I noticed that they would come uncomfortably close when I left my body to sleep and travel the astral planes.

I never gave them permission to interact with me, so I found it rude and threatening that they were opportunistic and took advantage of me during my sleep.

For years I slept with the light on! Light is too dense and they can’t come in, which is why you only see them when it’s twilight or dark.

I’m always wildly triggered when I hear kids saying they’re afraid and that they want the light on. It’s most likely that they are very sensitive and can see things that have more power when it’s dark.

My mum used to chuckle at me as an adult, and jokingly say, ‘Oh, are you afraid of the dark?’

I would reply, ‘I’m not afraid of the dark, I’m afraid of what’s in the dark.’

In the beginning I was quite terrified, especially as I didn’t have anyone to ask what they were. Eventually I found help in the form of mediums who tried to help me ground and protect myself, but nothing really worked.

Over time I became less frightened and more irritated by their presence. I grew in my own powers and was able to send them away whenever they overstepped my boundaries.

I’ve always called them ‘The Watchers’, because that’s exactly what they did. They watch over people who have come into their ascension, they observe how advanced they are and what their capabilities are.

They look exactly like Dementors or Death Eaters from Harry Potter. Tall, faceless, black hooded figures that hover. When you catch them intruding, they dissipate through windows.

I recently learned that The Book Of Enoch has a whole portion dedicated to ‘The Watchers’, they are fallen angels who watch over humanity. I couldn’t believe it when I found out that’s exactly what they are called!

They can’t ever hurt you, or touch you within a physical capacity but they can force you into sleep and cause symptoms of sleep paralysis and night terrors.

These days they don’t tend to bother me. Now I laugh at them, it must be rather boring watching me sit in my pyjamas, watching Netflix of an evening!


~ The Wild Healer ~


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Picture Credit: @irinadzhul

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