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The Second Ascension…

The thing that we have been preparing for has happened, the earths have split and are moving in different directions. The old world with its outdated vibrations and the new world with pure love, spiritual evolution and you guessed it, further ascension…

I believe the transition happened mid February, perhaps even in the lead up to the equinox. It was a slight and gradual process where we just noticed certain situations wrap up and drop off.

All old ties and connections to the old earth have disconnected from our experience and we are now on a path that is very vibrant in its sensations.

This new earth is going to keep pulling us in the direction of light, and spiritual evolution.

With this transition, we will go through another round of intense ascension symptoms.

You thought you felt crazy the first time around, well buckle your seatbelt for a roller coaster of shifts!!

You will be experiencing a lot more physical symptoms this time around. Body tingling, dizziness, feeling ungrounded, struggling to be present, flashes of timelines, Déjà vu, fatigue, intolerance of lower energies, oh the list goes on!

The path ahead is so new and untravelled that no-one has any real experience, so the Wayshowers of the planet are really fumbling in the dark.

However! What we do have experience in, is navigating our way back towards the lighter timelines. It’s just, those previous lighter timelines are much more tolerable, we have acclimatised to them and they are now normal. So our current higher timelines are VERY HIGH INDEED!

You may have noticed that things feel like they’re speeding up, and even the muggles have ‘clocked’ this one… (oh that was such a great fucking pun!)

Scientists have noticed that the Earth is speeding up, it is moving so much faster now that they want to modify the length of a day.

What does this all mean? Well right now, we are in an integration phase. We have been ‘popped’ through a vacuum and are feeling the effects. We need to get our bearings and catch our breath.

However, because this process of human evolution is speeding up, we will experience faster updates with less time between to get comfy with.

You will find yourself pulling away from anything that doesn’t bring you peace, because it feels so intolerable, we want to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Take a breathe, and try to bring your attention back to the now and present moment. Anchor yourself to this place and hope the shifts blow over the top of you. It feels rather like a woo-woo shit storm!

I will do my best to keep bringing info through as the guides give it to me.

Remember to stay hydrated, keep calm and ‘do you’ babe.

✨ Authenticity is Alchemy ✨


~ The Wild Healer ~


Celestial Reiki • Tarot Card Reading • Wayshower Support • Fertility, Pregnancy and Postpartum Healing • Crystal Sound Bath • Animal Communication & Healing • Lessons Of The Light

Picture Credit: @kokeeneva

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