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Tap in and tap out…

This Healer business can be tricky sometimes. To constantly be of service to others can be quite draining especially when everyone is experiencing heaviness in this energetic goop. We reach a point of observing the collective, make sure everyone’s head is above water and then we can allow ourselves space to tap out and prepare for the next round. I feel that it’s imperative to lead by example, so many do not practice what they preach. This past month has called for deep rest, body healing and soul alignment. I am so proud of clients who have engaged with their burn-out and taken the time to step back to re-evaluate their priorities and where they are leaking energy. My guides have been showing up so much for me this past month in the form of elephants! I realised that it was my time to take a step back and to heal myself when I dreamt of a huge female elephant laying down from exhaustion in a dried out landscape. Upon waking, I was startled by a glittering Ganesh surround by Rainbow light beings. Ganesh resonates with protection and power, much of his symbolism is related to safeguarding us from life's physical and subtle obstacles. In a heard, the matriarch

or largest female cow leads and cares for the needs of the herd. The matriarch earns respect through their wisdom, confidence and connections with other elephants. In a crisis, the herd will rely on her to make the major decisions as to their course of action, or in this case, inaction!

To rest is vital, we cannot push on without recuperation. If you have been called to rest and have failed to listen, unfortunately you will experience the consequences. This is a lesson we all must learn, and the quicker we listen to our bodies the better. We are coming to realise that constantly working hard isn’t necessarily vital in our existence. Sure, we all have bills to pay, but we are realigning ourselves with what our soul craves as opposed to what the 3d control matrix tells us we need.

In this period of rest, my spirit team showered me with elephant energy everywhere I went to the point of being utterly ridiculous! My social media accounts were flooded with pictures of elephants, when out for walks I would find elephant shaped clouds, even on a weekend visit to a garden centre I found myself stood in front of a 6ft elephant statue!! This constant reminder of support to take a step back and rest was alleviating any guilt for the need to do so.

And now here we are, amidst a global virus and state of panic, I understand why I was being called to rest. It’s time to saddle up the harmony horse and continue to hold space for light and healing. My guides have been channelling bigger messages about the state of what is happening on a global scale, more will come to follow on this topic! For now though, I’m tapping back in and am ready to harness this new wave of light that is purging the densities within the 3d matrix. My platforms will be updated over the next few days to handle more of an online based clientele, providing healing on a global capacity for both humans and animals. ———————————————————————————

~ The Wild Healer ~

Picture Credit: @annamcnaughty

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