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Let Me Reintroduce Myself…

Hi there! I’m Katie, the nut job who puts the magic into The Wild Healer.

While the healing experience is very much about you and your journey, sometimes it’s nice to know who is there to help you on your path.

In West Philadelphia, born and raised. On the playground is where I spent… Oh wait!

Hang on. No, that wasn’t me, that was Will Smith. Let me try again… this Unity Consciousness throws me sometimes!

If I were trying to be a normal muggle, I would tell you that I’m originally from the UK and have been living in Australia since 2014.

I have a BSc Higher Honours Degree in Wildlife Education, Science and Media.

I worked as an Aquarist for 5 years, doing turtle rehabilitation, octopus enrichment studies, running conservation and breeding programmes.

I have travelled all around the world and settled in Darwin, where I created The Wild Healer.

If I were being completely honest and myself, I would tell you that I am a born Animal Communicator, Healer and Medium. I have a soul full of wanderlust and a heart forever young.

In the UK I spent my free time skating and surfing, strolling along the Cornish shores, hunting for stone circles and visiting as many spiritual shops and events as possible!

I have a Gypsy Soul and have always yearned for travel. After back packing around the Andes in Argentina for a month when I was 16, the wanderlust itch set in and I was destined to go as far as my feet could take me.

I seem to have been called back to ancient and sacred sites, or to connect with places I have had past lives. The Inca trails to Machu Picchu, Angkor Wat Temples in Cambodia, Massachusetts in New England, Stone Henge and Glastonbury Tor, Uluru. The list goes on!

In Tarot Terms I would be seated with the High Priestess. The Seer who works with truth. Yet there is always an element of The Fool, a traveller who follows the Universe wherever needing to be placed.

In this incarnation I have been reconnected with my soul’s gifts, many have fallen in my lap. I find that they chose you, not the other way around, kind of like the Wands in Harry Potter!

I’m a Channeller, Psychic Medium, Clairsentient, Death Doula, Soul Bringer, Prophet, Healer and Animal Communicator. I’m sure the list will grow as I move more into Crone Wisdom.

That’s just what I do, but who am I?

An Octopus. I’m either hidden away in my little cave playing with rocks, or I’m brightly coloured and stuck to your face, trying to tickle you. I’m goofy and laugh at my own jokes. How about that Will Smith joke? That incurred a chuckle, right? No? Yeah, it was lame, but my brain thought that was fucking hilarious. Classic!

Forever young is a great way of saying, ‘I love to hang out with my inner Child’. She jumps in puddles, makes daisy chains and loves to blow bubbles. Unfortunately, she has a grownups credit card and has learned that she can buy dumb shit on the internet like shoes from Irregular Choice, or an irrational amount of Halloween décor.

I love witchy shit, so if you ever want sit and watch Practical Magic, Harry Potter, Sabrina, oh heck even some Disney? I am Down. With. That!

I have dark pages in my story too, but I leave those chapters for only me to read.

Those shadowy moments in life are what shape and change us. Only when we look back, do we see that they were some of our greatest lessons.

I will sit with you and be your friend when you are in your darkest day, because I know what it feels like to be entirely alone, even when you’re surrounded by people.

I am a firm believer that happiness is a choice, sometimes we have to make difficult decisions that will get us there, but it is ours to make.

My darlings, in this life, we are free to be whatever we want. We are free to be you and me.

We are all oh so very different, and that’s what makes this life wonderful!

And on that note, I shall leave you with my favourite quote from Winnie the Poo:

“Will you do me a small favour? Don’t forget to grow up and live happily ever after, and stay as sweet as honey forever.”


~ The Wild Healer ~


Celestial Reiki • Tarot Card Reading • Crystal Sound Bath • Animal Communication & Healing • Lessons Of The Light

Picture Credit: @indg0

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