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Invoking the Elephant

I’m never a fan of a Mercury Retrograde and this one comes with an extremely powerful super moon, oh joy!

You may have all be experiencing the shadow effect of Mercury before it hit’s retrograde on December 3rd. Typically things malfunction and life becomes annoyingly difficult, communication breaks down and irrational behaviours pop up. Thanks to the full moon on its way, all of this is amplified. Two steps forward and one step back will be the running theme of this time.

It’s important to remember to breathe, stay calm, eat well, drink plenty of water and avoid hash energies. Moving to a desert island away from everyone was also on the list but I don’t think there are enough to go round, so instead, just try to be nice to one another.

The Elephant, reflects the energy of the Gemini Full Moon perfectly. Its energy mirrors the Gemini duality of gentleness and power. This spirit animal brings us gifts of wisdom and strength.

Both the Full Moon and the Solstice are going to be helping us to tie up any loose ends before the close of 2017, and it seems that Mercury Retrograde is also going to be helping with this process too. During this time, the Universe is really going to be asking us to bring closure to the year gone by and to clear through any mental chatter that we have been walking around with. It is important to stand strong in your truth and remain compassionate.

As we transition into the New Year we need to choose each step carefully and like the graceful tip toe of the elephant, make it meaningful. The best way to navigate through this energy is to take things slow and to give yourself time. Making hasty decisions while Mercury is in retrograde is often not a good idea as you may not have all the necessary information just yet.

Connecting to the Elephant gives us the ability to plough through challenges and blockages by channelling use of her huge tusks. Consider Ganesh for example, the remover of obstacles, bringer of good fortune and protection. Under this energy, any nagging thoughts from the past or unresolved issues will be given the opportunity to be rehashed and released.

Invoke Elephant as your Power Animal when you need help calling forth ancient wisdom and messages from the Divine. Elephant energy can help you discover secrets and esoteric knowledge that has not yet been presented to you.

Whatever messages you need to hear will arise during the retrograde period, however it is likely that you won’t really be able to understand them until Mercury goes direct again on December 22.

The spirit of the Elephant reminds us that we must look after ourselves first before we reach out and help others in the herd. It encourages us remember our own strength allowing us to confidently stride across the plains into 2018, towards our souls purpose.

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