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Full Moon, Solstice and Galactic Alignment...

Last night as I lay in bed, I stared into the darkness and it came to life. Depending on where we are in the lunar and planetary cycles, the energy can completely affect the veil and what we are able to perceive. 

When we are within the energy of the full moon and cycles that bring more light, we are able to connect with the other realms with ease. At the moment we are approaching Solstice (Saturday 22nd June), and we are in alignment with the Galactic Centre, so downloads and communications are on high end.

Last night I watched multiple worlds and dimensions swirl around me simultaneously existing and interacting with one another. Guides, Angels and Spirits poured through the Gateway, Vortexes opened and closed, Sacred Geometry and Coding whirred about like a ‘Disney’ wind blowing through; full of colour and song. 

Pops of sparkle and energy bursting into view. It was truly a beautiful spectacle to observe.

Spirit Disco, Galactic Fireworks, Seizures? Whatever you want to call it, it was magnificent.

The energy of this full moon is bringing a particularly creative spark through at the moment, again, highlighted by being compelled to write about it!

The past few months have been dense and drawn out. At times it has felt like we are holding our breathes under a body of water. Like the magnificent Cetaceans we share this world with, we resurface. Take a breath. Catch ourselves. Recalibrate and realign to the light while it’s here and we are submerged once again into the unknown darkness. In the tussle of equilibrium between the light and dark energies, it is a testament to how much light we have here on the planet, when we are hit with harder dark times.

For now though, rejoice in the wonderful light we are being bathed in. 

Connect to love, connect to harmony and feel lighter. Observe your animals and how they are behaving at this time. Maple has taken to rolling around on her back and flirting, and Zapp is smooching on as many things as possible! 

Go for a walk amongst nature, listen to the trees, the birds, the ocean. 

Everything is feeling this shift. Revel in it. 

Open your heart and mind and drink in the wonders that are before you.

In Alchemical Practice, connect to your inner Magician and cast out a lure, opportunity is vast and abundant at this time. Make the most of it!

~ The Wild Healer ~

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