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The past few days leading up to the Partial Lunar Eclipse we’ve been in an extremely interesting energy portal.

Most of the time I work in the minds-eye and connect to my guides through intuition and channelling. As this energy has intensified though I’ve been seeing energy so clearly in my physical eye.

As clients are vocalising emotions and releasing them, I can see the whole room change colour because of them shifting their vibration. This morning I can see my own healing channel shooting out of my hands. Ultraviolet and Electric Blue swirling with streaks of Gold.

It is important during this time to ground ourselves, connect into the lower chakras and kundalini energy. The higher realms are reaching down to us and streaming through exponentially clearer channels at this time. You may be feeling absolutely wired and disconnected to the world around you. Everything may feel topsy turvey, like you’ve fallen into wonderland.

I sat outside for a few hours early this morning focusing on conscious breath and trying to bring myself down from cloud nine, only to find that I was sat talking to a tree that was humming, singing and glowing. The birds and dogs in the neighbourhood have such volume this morning, I can hear everything speaking so loudly and intensely. It’s like the conscious pulse and rhythm of life is streaming full blast.

Everything feels so intense and heightened, you may be experiencing sensations of exhaustion followed up with jolts of nervous energy that needs to be released. You may also be experiencing vivid dreams, that don’t make much sense.

Our subconscious is working on overdrive and we are purging final residues of things that have been blocking or distracting us for too long now. Our little bodies having been running ‘defragmentation programmes’ for a couple of weeks, clearing out the old and making space for new light. My Star Guides tell me that we are being fine-tuned, to make way and allow for this new wave of energy and communication to flow through us at a faster rate. We will start to be able to connect to higher realms on a wider spectrum, on a faster and clearer broadband.

~ The Wild Healer ~

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