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Energy Forecast March 2019

So! How did everyone handle that extremely emotional time? I did try to tell people in my last post to take cover for the Super Moon… There is soo much purging going on at the moment. So much shedding and processing of deep issues, behavioural patterns and old emotions. Hopefully you should all be much clearer after this and feel the warmth on your skin as you heal from your wounds in this new light that is entering our world. As you start to open up to this higher vibration, you will awaken to new opportunities and harmony in decision making. This is because you know now what is for your highest good and what will hold you back in the 3D. We all have free will though, of course, that is the human code of ethics. So if you choose to go back to old habits and enter into negative emotional patterns, it’s kind of on you really. That’s why lessons loop around like a spiral. They will come back and you can try again next time. Buddha has been coming through in my Channels recently. He always has a magnificent way of being ultimately metaphorical and yet right on the nose with directness. “Holding on to something that does not serve you is like holding on to hot coal. Only you will feel pain and only you will suffer the wounds of holding on for longer than you should. Just let it go.” - Channeled Message from Buddha, The Wild Healer (2019). Now, I hate to be the bearer of bad news… but heads up because we are about to head into Mercury Retrograde! Don’t worry though, this one won’t be so bad, it will be a good time to assess areas of your life that need more organising. Quite often in these emotional moments, we take our eye off the ball. Naturally we leave aspects of our life unattended and they start to grow weeds. Now is a good time to prune back, fine tune and reassess everything in complete harmonious alignment. You will find that this retrograde won’t affect your emotions as much because we’re already on high alert to step away from volatile situations. Deep breathes, you can do this. Marie Kondo’s - “Clean this non joyous shit up, how is your room so frickin’ messy?!” documentary on Netflix is a great place to start! ~ The Wild Healer ~

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