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December Forecast… ❄️

As December unfolds, it presents a unique blend of cosmic alignments, weaving together potent and gentle energies that set the stage for closure, introspection, and transformation.

Kicking off the month with a sense of balance, December's celestial choreography begins with Mercury turning retrograde on December 12. This cosmic reversal may initially create a sense of mental disarray but promises heightened intuition and deeper insights.

Neptune and Jupiter's direct motion throughout December quickens the pulse, hinting at a forthcoming phase marked by forward momentum. With fewer retrogrades in sight, the stage is set for a fresh cosmic journey in the upcoming year.

December 9 marks a celestial embrace: Venus opposing Jupiter. This alignment showers us with abundant, affectionate vibrations, fostering inspiration, creativity, and fostering romantic endeavours; a day to revel in the radiance of cosmic love.

12/12 symbolises a shift towards elevated consciousness and culmination. Under the Sagittarius New Moon and Mercury's retrograde influence, this date may herald closures and newfound clarity; a mosaic of cosmic puzzles coming together.

The fiery Sagittarius New Moon on December 12, accompanied by the dynamic influence of Mars, ignites passionate energies. It serves as a catalyst for healing, prompting us to sow seeds of inner peace amidst the bustling holiday fervor.

Mid-month, on December 16, the Sun squares Neptune, inviting revisits to prior energies. Trusting our instincts becomes pivotal amidst unfolding revelations and narratives seeking closure.

The December Solstice on December 21 heralds Capricorn Season, symbolizing the return or zenith of light, aligning us with nature's vibrancy. It beckons us to nurture our inner radiance and celebrate our unique essence.

On the same day, Venus opposite Uranus offers unconventional love and creative energy, sparking innovation and authentic self-expression.

December 22 marks the alignment of the Sun and Mercury, unlocking hidden insights and clarity amid the retrograde whirlwind.

As Mercury retrogrades back into Sagittarius on December 23, fiery energies infuse our thoughts, edging us closer to clarity amidst persistent uncertainties.

The Cancer Full Moon on December 26 intensifies emotions, urging us to recharge amidst heightened sensitivity, guided by Saturn's gentle presence.

December 27 witnesses Mercury's conjunction with Mars, enhancing intuition and fostering smoother communication despite Mercury's retrograde status.

Venus' transition into Sagittarius on December 29 ushers in a liberating energy, inspiring thoughts of travel and personal rejuvenation.

Finally, on December 30, Jupiter's direct motion showers us with abundant energy, nudging us to reflect on our lives and financial landscapes.

As December's cosmic ballet unfolds, it beckons us to embrace transitions, seek inner harmony, and harness expansive energies, bidding farewell to 2023 with anticipation for the new cosmic dance awaiting us in the year ahead.


~ The Wild Healer ~


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Picture Credit: @oreshinaphoto

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