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Animals and the comfort zones we allow ourselves…

Now, I like to keep my page fairly neutral and non opinionated but I received a comment on one of my posts indicating that someone was ‘offended’. (The true crime of 2019) It got me thinking… perhaps it’s time to stop dancing around peoples comfort zones where animals are concerned. I started this company to be a voice for the animals. I am an Animal Communicator, Animal Welfare Advocate, a Vegetarian and sell only earth friendly products in my online store. I have spent many years dedicating my life, my education, my money and time working with all animals. I have worked for conservation, rescue and rehabilitation centres all over the world. My life mission is to encourage understanding of animal behaviours, welfare standards, ethics and our relationship we have with all animals. I have set up a company that highlights the spiritual relationships we can have with all sentient beings, opening up yet another channel for understanding the beautiful creatures we share this planet with. Now that I’ve got that off my chest… Lets talk comfort zones. - Domestication - Farming - Zoos - Invasive Species Handling - Food Resources - Aquaculture - Animal Testing - Cultural and Religious Practices - Traditional Eastern Animal Medicines - Clothing - Pesticides - Habitat Destruction (…the list goes on!) Where do we all sit on these matters? Where are our comfort zones? What do we do on a daily basis that contributes to the betterment of animal welfare? How can we continue to better our relationship with animals? I promised myself that I wouldn’t slather this page with my opinions or videos of controversy that upset people. So heres your chance. Fill your boots! I’d like you all to comment on this post: Animal Charities, Scientific Journals, News Stories, Videos, Pictures, Experiences. You name it, go for it! What have you found that contributes to our understanding of any or all of the matters listed above? Let’s start a conversation…

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