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Okay, well that’s enough trying to throw products at you for Christmas, lets get back to Woo Woo business. I’ve been rather quiet on social media, mainly because it’s been absolutely FLAT OUT! Partially because of that annoying thing in the sky that went Retrograde (Mercury - oh how we love to scold that little scallywag for things!), but also because you lot have had some rather testing and upsetting issues that have needed helping with. Look, I’m just going to come out and say Lord Voldemort’s real name… it’s CANCER. It appears to be everywhere at the moment. A lot of my clients, both animals and people either have cancer or are processing emotions of shock and despair for those close to them who have it. I remember thinking at this time of year that my mum was a bit weird. She used to always talk about how many people die right before Christmas. She used to point out the pattern every year and I always thought it was a bit strange. These days I’m surrounded by numerology, spooks and planetary alignments, I actually understand the waves and rhythms of things a little better now. As I’m sitting writing this, coffee in hand, Archangel Michael is stood to my right flashing his Blue Sparkle everywhere. They keep telling me ‘Katie, you have to write about the tough stuff too’. They’re right, they always are. While it’s important to try to bring harmony, and lift others up, sometimes we just need to acknowledge a hat-tip towards feeling crappy due to circumstances beyond our control. It is important to cry, trust me I’ve been doing plenty of that recently. Never apologise for tears. They are just emotions and energy leaving the body. If you push them down and ignore them, they become stored, and often manifest into a physical problem that you can’t ignore. What a lot of you are going through and dealing with right now is truly awful, and my sincere condolences for those suffering. I am here for any of you that need comfort, healing or just someone to talk to. This month has been extremely significant in terms of Numerology though. November is the 11th month in an 11year (2+0+1+8=11). These numbers connect to amplification, the Universe and the Almighty. While 11:11 is great for manifesting your dreams, connecting with the divine, meditating and intention setting they are not ruled only by good. The numbers 11:11 simply heighten or amplify energy, positive or negative. We’ve also encountered an extremely significant anniversary marking 100 years since the end of WW1 (11th Hour of the 11th Day of the 11th month, 1918). If you look at where we are in the year, its coming to the end, we are experiencing change of seasons, death and rebirth. We are also enduring Mercury Retrograde, now this little fellow digs up things that need addressing in our lives. It’s often painful, shedding and essentially leads to healing. Just FYI, no-one ever said healing wasn’t painful!! What I’m trying to say in a very round about way is that what we are feeling or going through at this time is being amplified, whether we have control over our circumstances or not. We are all just doing the best we can with what we know, so hold this in your heart. Treat others with love, kindness and compassion. Watch how simply shifting and taking responsibility for your own thoughts can help to not only raise your consciousness, but the consciousness of those around you. Sometimes life gets shitty, but it’s how we react to that shittyness that defines us. Remember, we are all in this together. Lots of Love ~ The Wild Healer ~

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