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Galactics, Archangels and Hogwarts...

The Galactics have been coming through this week in full swing. I’ve really had to ask for patience with clients as I’m sounding way more bonkers than usual! The last couple of weeks have been a series of extremely intense energy sessions connecting to high level beings and channeling their messages. It knocks me for six! The Archangels seem to provide a safe amplification of energy to allow these messages to come through clearly. Raphael has been persistent with his Emerald Green Holy Fire, burning away that which no longer serves our highest good. Cleansing, grounding and protecting all involved during sessions. Metatron has then been able to amplify loving frequencies and help connect or bridge to the higher dimensions. I’ve noticed that the Pleiadians and Arcturians are connecting more frequently and are having a lot more involvement with upgrades, light code activations and downloads. Watching them work is truely fascinating and not to mention mind boggling! The other week I asked them to slow what they were doing so I could see the symbols they work with more clearly for my own personal curiosity and understanding. This didn’t help! I’ll give you an example of what it looked like… Lets say the symbol is a simple triangle. When you look at that triangle you are actually looking into thousands maybe even millions more symbols within that triangle. The triangle is merely an interface. Kind of like on a computer when you click a folder to access a file and within that file is a huge document of information. …I know right?! 🤯😳 (Yep - She’s lost the plot entirely) To think, this time last year I was working in a Law Firm and my biggest problem was battling the copy machine when it jammed up with paper… Who’d have thought that in such a short space of time I’d have ditched the 3D and enrolled onto a Degree at Hogwarts!

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